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School Resources

Kalsoom Bashir Co-director of Inspire has produced a powerful film with members of Muslim communities to challenge the recruitment narrative of ISIL and that of far right extremists. The film is being used across the country as a training tool by statutory partners as well as in schools and communities. Requests for the film have been received from across the world.

“keeping track of what teenagers are up to on line is tricky for any parent, says Kalsoom Bashir who worked with the police and the community to produce the video: “It’s a huge concern and it could impact on anyone of us. I’m a Muslim and I have children so I need to stay on top of the game and I need to have those conversations with my children about how radicals are recruiting young people and what the religion is actually about,”

The film has received positive feedback, particularly from young people who saw the need for such a product

“Hopefully if young people watch this then, Muslim or non-Muslim, hopefully the will get a better understand of what Islam is actually about and will tackle both sides of the extremism coin.”

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The DVD is accompanied by facilitator notes and a lesson plan.

If you would like a copy of the film then please send a request to;


Free online resource for schools on challenging Islamist inspired extremism

Inspire have partnered with the London Grid for Learning to produce a free online resource for schools on their role in challenging Islamist inspired extremism.  This resource has been very well received across the country and has been promoted on the National Union of Head Teachers website.

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You may download the resource here

These Inspire produced resources have been used by schools to initiate discussion and debate.

Young Muslim men speak out against ISIS

Young Muslim women speak out against ISIS

An open letter to young girls who may be considering to join ISIS

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Advice to parents who fear their children may leave to join ISIS during the holidays: