This is an archive of the Inspire Women CIC website. The CIC no longer exists but the Inspire website as seen here, provides a historical account of the ground-breaking work delivered by Inspire from 2008 to 2018.  Sara was a co-founder of Inspire, and a co-director during that time.
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Debrett’s 500

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We are honoured that young talented Graphic Design student Nina McAndrew chose the work of “Inspire” to inspire her college project.

Nina’s poster with her use of Ghandi’s quote ” Be the change you want to see in the world” perfectly captures Inspire’s own ethos and efforts in empowering women, whilst the powerful image of a silenced girl symbolises the many millions of girls and women deprived of human rights.

In Nina’s own words:

‘I’m studying for a HND in Graphic Design at Fife College in Scotland. you may be interested to know how I came to use your organisation in my project. 

The brief was to create a poster using mixed media techniques where a quote and an image are combined so they complement each other. The poster was to be part of a campaign for a non profit organisation.

I picked a quote from Gandhi that I really liked and thought about whose cause it could sit with best. Women’s rights and equality are close to my heart so I started with that. As part of the research I googled “Influential women in Britain” and came across Sara Khan. I then learnt about Inspire and how the organisation carries out valuable work on a grassroots level.’

Thank you Nina for your tribute to our work. We are very touched.


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In this year’s Debrett’s 500, Sara Khan was recognised in the category War and Peace as one of the most influential people in the UK. Only 2 out of the 20 nominees in this category are women – and both Muslim.

For almost 250 years Debrett’s has been recognising people of influence and achievement in British society. It is a positive endorsement and recognition of Britain’s 500 most influential people, nominating outstanding achievements in 24 different categories, which are a reflection of the concerns of British society nowadays.
This nomination is yet another recognition of the importance of Inspire’s efforts to work towards a more peaceful, inclusive society.

“I am humbled to be recognised in Debrett’s 500; a list of the 500 most influential people living and working in the UK today, but I’m particularly honoured to be featured in the War and Peace category as someone who is working towards peace and stability in the United Kingdom. The threat of extremism is real and impacts on us all. I hope to continue working for a peaceful and just society for all.”

Please see the entire list here: