This is an archive of the Inspire Women CIC website. The CIC no longer exists but the Inspire website as seen here, provides a historical account of the ground-breaking work delivered by Inspire from 2008 to 2018.  Sara was a co-founder of Inspire, and a co-director during that time.
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February 2018

The Trustees at Inspire are proud to confirm that Sara Khan, Inspire’s co-founder and CEO, has been appointed Lead Commissioner for the newly created Countering Extremism Commission.  This inevitably means that Sara must leave her post at Inspire but this appointment is well deserved recognition for the critical work that she has been doing at Inspire for over ten years.  We have implemented an interim strategic plan and are in the process of appointing an interim CEO. 

During 2017, Sara, assisted by an organisational development consultant (funded by Unbound Philanthropy) undertook a comprehensive review of Inspire’s structure.  The conclusion reached was that in line with Inspire’s focus and remit of work, the current Community Interest Company model no longer served the organisations’s best interest and that, instead, acquiring charity status was the most appropriate way forward for the organisation. 

We are pleased to say Inspire received charity status in November 2017 and we are the inaugural board of Trustees for that new charity. 

We are currently in the process of transferring the funding, assets and projects from the Community Interest Company to the Charity.   

Sara will leave Inspire on the 23rd February.  After that date, Sara will not have any operational or management involvement with Inspire Women.  Sara, as is required, will retain director status within the CIC but only for the purposes of closing it down and filing its final set of returns (a process which may take up to three months). 

We look forward to working with the new interim CEO and staff to continue building Inspire and continuing the incredible work led by Sara.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sara for the hard work and effort she dedicated to Inspire over the last ten years and in often difficult circumstances.  The achievements made, as noted in the previous update and her final blog is testimony to the important contribution Inspire played in our country and we wish her all the best in her new role and future work. 


Board of Trustees 

Inspire Women Charity 

Monday 19th February