Colfe’s School Lecture

Colfe’s School Lecture

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20th June 2017

On 20th of June 2017, Sara was invited to Colfe’s School to deliver a lecture titled “Our battle against extremism: Defending our Shared values”.

In attendance were 150 fully engaged students- feedback following the event was excellent with the school saying that they had never asked so many questions from a visiting speaker.  The school’s Headmaster Richard Russell said:

“This was amongst the most engaging talks that we have had in recent years. Islamist inspired extremism is a difficult and emotive topic but Sara spoke confidently about its origins and the key contemporary issues in a clear and effective manner, engaging successfully with a large audience which included pupils from both independent and state schools. She dealt openly and honestly with subsequent questions and retained the interest of her audience throughout.”

Feedback from students included:

“It made me think of things I’d never considered before, such as how the use of the term “Muslim community” pigeonholes people. It also inspired me to fight for human rights and confront all kinds of terrorism.” Michael Y10


“The talk was on an extremely hot and relevant topic.  I learnt a lot of valuable things, most importantly I found out the religion (Islam) is generally very peaceful, and that words like sharia and jihad have been hijacked by extremists.” Tom Y10


“You gave me an insight into how serious islamophobia is, and how innocent Muslims often feel the repercussions of terrorist actions. It is important not to generalise when talking about Muslims because all Muslims are different, there are some who use Islam negatively and others who peacefully follow the religion.” RJ Y10


“It gave me an insight into the actions taken to prevent radicalisation in prisons, schools and online.” Teddy Y10


“It gave me the chance to hear another perspective and understand that the religion isn’t about hare, but in fact about peace and love.  It’s just how people choose to interpret it to get their own views across.” Antonia Y10


“The talk made me realise how badly the fight against extremism is expressed by politicians and the government, as well as in the news and media.” Emerson Y10


“I thought Sara Khan was most insightful, particularly when she said that even if you’re saying something to protect Muslims, grouping people together based solely on their faith is discrimination even if no harm was meant.  She gave unbiased facts to share information, rather than attempting to influence people.” Lettie Y10






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