This is an archive of the Inspire Women CIC website. The CIC no longer exists but the Inspire website as seen here, provides a historical account of the ground-breaking work delivered by Inspire from 2008 to 2018.  Sara was a co-founder of Inspire, and a co-director during that time.
Making A Stand

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What a day! I was incredibly humbled by the response of our #MakingAStand campaign launch yesterday. Prior to the launch we received messages of goodwill and support from British Muslim women across the UK who wanted to voice their opposition to ISIS but didn’t feel a platform was there for them. #MakingAStand is that platform.

The hope expressed by attendees yesterday was clear; the speeches moved them and upon leaving many were determined to make a stand and take the lead in voicing their opposition to extremism, wherever they may find it.

The Home Secretary, who spoke at our launch, made it very clear that, like us, she believes women arecrucial in defeating the extremism which threatens families and communities alike. Ms May received a round of applause when she stated that our declaration – that ISIS are un-Islamic, was being heard in every corner of the UK.

Twitter was awash with messages of solidary for the campaign, not only from women, but men too from all faiths. We even had a young American Muslim woman who tweeted her support for the campaign by donning a headscarf of the American flag!

With this stirring endorsement of #MakingAStand, I know that we’re off to a great start. But there’s so much for us all to do. We must grow our campaign beyond the success of yesterday and I urge every single one of you to get involved in any way you can. We’re here to help you get started. Whether you’re Tweeting your support or keen to set up a local #MakingAStand group, the team at Inspire are here to advise, encourage and support you.

Get in touch – and together we will make a difference.

Let’s start making a stand and taking a lead!

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#MakingAStand has launched, inviting Muslim women from across to UK to join us in rejecting the Islamic State and taking a stand against extremism and terrorism, protecting our children and communities.

Both the British and International Media were present at the launch of the campaign in London, with reports from The Telegraph and Al-Arabiya English amongst others. (Al Arabiya) (Telegraph) (Telegraph) (Telegraph) (Cairo Scene) (One News Page) (Belfast Telegraph)

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Muslim women came together today to make a united stand rejecting the barbarism of the Islamic State and urge all women across the country to take the lead combating extremism in their communities.

The women, from all over the UK, declared their abhorrence of extremism and terrorism and vowed to take the lead in stopping preachers of hate preying on British children, in a commitment to protect their communities.

Organised by Inspire, a counter-extremism and human rights organisation, the event encouraged Muslim women to unite as one voice against ISIS.

Home secretary Theresa May, speaking at the campaign launch, said: “It is an honour to stand alongside Muslim women who gathered together from across the UK today to challenge extremism and terrorism.

“Women can play a unique and powerful role in combating the extremist threat here and abroad, taking the lead in stopping preachers of hate from preying on young people.

“It is a job for us all to challenge hatred and extremism wherever we find it. I am honoured to support a campaign which asks Muslim women to make a stand and help to build stable and peaceful communities.”

Speaking at the launch, founder of Inspire Sara Khan said: “We are British Muslim women – proud of who we are – British and Muslim. We cherish the values of peace, democracy, citizenship, and human rights. As women we know our role in challenging extremism is essential.

So today, as part of our communities and within our own families we call on everyone to join us in making a stand and challenging extremists in our communities, on television, in our societies and online.

We call on all women to join us and say that we will not tolerate this barbaric ideology. We will not tolerate our children being groomed by these terrorists.

That’s why we’re all here today to launch our own ‘jihad against violence’.”

The launch of #MakingAStand comes in the wake of widespread reporting of atrocities committed by ISIS, and their most recent call for Muslims to commit murders in the streets of Western countries opposing the Islamic State.

Women looking to take part are being encouraged to do so by tweeting a picture of themselves to #MakingAStand. They can also register their interest and find out more by visiting website