This is an archive of the Inspire Women CIC website. The CIC no longer exists but the Inspire website as seen here, provides a historical account of the ground-breaking work delivered by Inspire from 2008 to 2018.  Sara was a co-founder of Inspire, and a co-director during that time.

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The training programme aimed to raise the awareness of the Prevent agenda in an innovative way amongst those running projects in the local community from voluntary and statutory bodies. The focus was on national, regional and local issues. It provided overview information, Islam awareness and focussed on myth busting as well as giving a history of extremism and information on countering negative extremist ideology. The training supported the London Borough of Hounslow in delivering projects that build community resilience to Al Qaida based violent propaganda and other forms of extremism, as well as continuing to encourage good practise around community cohesion and engagement.

Organised by Inspire, in conjunction with the London Borough of Hounslow



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A highly successful leadership and empowerment course for Muslim women tailor made for those living in Redbridge. The course led to the creation and launch of the Redbridge Muslim Women’s Network, a democratically elected women’s body to help encourage Muslim women to become involved in public and voluntary community activities in Redbridge and to help build bridges within communities and between communities.

Organised by Inspire, in conjunction with the London Borough of Redbridge



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A conference organised by An-Nisa for Muslim women as part of International Women’s Day held on March 5th 2008 in Slough. Inspire in partnership with An-Nisa Slough successfully delivered the programme for the conference.

Organised by An-Nisa Slough in partnership with Inspire.