Our Services

Our Services

Human Rights and Gender Equality

Inspire raises awareness of human rights legislation and the protections offered under the Equalities Act 2010 to ensure Muslim women are not discriminated against whether by Muslim institutions or more widely by statutory and non-statutory bodies. We also offer training and education programmes to Muslim women on the importance of gender equality.


Inspire coordinate and deliver campaigns as a core remit of our work. We aim to increase awareness within Muslim communities and wider society and to remove barriers facing vulnerable people using different mediums and resources. We deliver our campaigns in partnership with other relevant bodies in ensuring real change is created.


We have a long history of working in partnership with the statutory, non-statutory and voluntary sector to offer a customised consultancy service that meets the teaching needs, learning objectives and environment best suited to our clients.

In order to construct a bespoke project that meets your specific needs please do contact us.

Tackling Extremism and the Prevent Agenda

The threat that extremism poses is indeed real and a challenge for us all. Inspire believes that increased support for extremism amongst small vulnerable groups of young men and women is a result of a number of different vulnerabilities including social exclusion, anger over home and foreign policy which is exploited by violent ideologues often in the name of Islam. The spread of extremist narratives which encourages violence and the dehumanisation of non-Muslims is central to the actions of those who justify their actions. We are passionate in our approach of working in the heart of communities to meet this challenge. We have a track record of raising awareness within communities and engaging with local, regional and national statutory bodies. In particular we offer training on how extremism arises amongst vulnerable people, the history of extremism, understanding the extremist rhetoric used and equipping participants with theological counter-narratives to extremist propaganda.

Participant feedback:

“If I knew this information ten years ago when my children were teenagers, I would have taught them about the issues raised in this course. This is the first time I’ve been educated on such a crucial and important topic.” Sahmeera, 42, Leeds – Beeston

“Today’s class is very informative and I got to know so many things and facts that we ignore. Especially about religion and extremism. Now I will research more about the causes of extremism and increase my knowledge so I can educate myself and teach my children positively. I think there should be more classes. I really like this course and so many conflicts in understanding Islam’s position on these issues have been resolved for me and I am happy that I have learnt about the reality.” Sahmeena, 31, Leeds

“Very educational – challenged a lot of generic beliefs.” Lotifa, 19, Portsmouth

Inspire are approved to facilitate Conviction workshops in partnership with the Conviction team. Conviction is a film based on the life of Isa Ibrahim a young Muslim convert who received a life sentence in July 2009 for planning to commit a terrorist attack in his home city of Bristol. The film focuses on the period of Isa’s life leading up to his arrest. It gives an insight into the process that radicalised him and led him to make the decision to take life, whilst exploring the missed opportunities by the community around him to deter him from his chosen path. To find out more about Conviction or the possibility of booking a session, please contact us.

Training and Empowerment Programmes for Muslim Women

Muslim women are often side lined within the Muslim community, from a misguided emphasis on their private domestic roles to the absence of Muslim women in public life. They can also experience wider discrimination and inequalities both at home and in society. Inspire deliver highly successful training and empowerment programmes across the UK. Our standard and advanced courses aim to develop the skills of women; motivating them to fulfil their potential in life and to become more actively involved in public life via a series of training days. As participants have told us, our programmes have changed their lives. Many of those who have attended our programmes have gone on to further their education, secured employment, set up organisations and contribute regularly to charitable and voluntary work. We offer bespoke programmes to meet the needs of clients.


“Course was extremely useful as well as enjoyable. Personally I have learned a great deal about Muslim women and their issues as well as practical steps.” Amina, 22, Watford

“Really tapped into the imagination. Very thought provoking and beneficial. Something almost every Muslim woman needs to experience.” Khadijah, 27, Hounslow

“Very educational – challenged a lot of generic beliefs” Maria, 31, Redbridge

Creation of Local Womens Forums

In partnership with local councils, Inspire help create local women’s networks. We work to develop the skills of Muslim women and motivate them to become community leaders and champions. This is done via a series of training programmes which lead to the setting up of locally based and locally led Muslim women’s organisations and forums. Inspire acts as a catalyst by inspiring women to organise themselves to support families and social circles by:

– Providing a forum for women on a social and educational level
– Serving the local community and contributing positively to it through social action
– Developing links with key stake-holders within the community


As part of our campaign work, Inspire regularly engage with print, electronic and social media. We contribute to issues of national debate on those issues that fall into Inspire’s remit by writing commentary pieces, appearing on social and news programmes and participate more widely on social media. Inspire have written a number of comment pieces for the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman and Huffington Post. We have appeared on Channel 4 News, Sky News, the BBC’s Today Programme, BBC Asian Network and BBC Woman’s Hour to name just a few.